December 11, 2018: Baby girl, what's your name?


Holidays & Events

Jack Frost came out 20 years ago ⛄️

Shakespeare in Love was released 20 years ago



John Kerry (75)

Jermaine Jackson (64)

Nikki Sixx (60)

Mo'Nique (51)

Mos Def (45)

Rider Strong (39)


While harsh, this description of Gossip Girl isn't wrong

Can't stop watching this brief operatic rendition of "Buy U a Drank"... watch with sound on

These Pokémon terrariums are so cute


The Academy has no idea who will replace Kevin Hart as the host of the Oscars

Vice's documentary about the Fyre Festival is coming to Netflix on January 18

Here's a first look at Netflix's upcoming Carmen Sandiego series

Here is Pitchfork's list of the 100 Best Songs of the Year

Fortnite is getting swords

The concept art for Disney's upcoming Marvel attraction looks GOOD

We've got a trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters 

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Jacquees said he's the King of R&B... Twitter disagreed 

Kehlani is here with the facts about who is the real King of R&B

This Julia Roberts typo is unfortunate

Kathie Lee Gifford is leaving Today

Tyra Banks wants to do a Coyote Ugly 2 


Google CEO Sundar Pichai is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee today

Instagram is adding walkie-talkie voice messages

Giphy has launched a new keyboard extention and sticker maker for people with iPhone X or newer

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Another day, another Trump typo

Killed and imprisoned journalists are TIME magazine's Person of the Year

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- Lauren Wannermeyer

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